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Honest and True emotion is what comes out of me in this blog. It's a must that I express myself, who I am, my love, happiness, sadness, anger, and what I don't understand. Oh yea, even poems, short stories and random questions. I was asking myself why did I ever stop writing. Honestly I have no idea why but I do know why I must start now because I need to have an outlet to my thoughts. Also a new hobby while I'm on maternity leave for the next year...Enjoy

Friday, October 15, 2010

RedBox Review...

This weeks Review is PARANORMAL ACTIVITY

First at foremost let me say being a very spiritual person this movie was crazy. I was so so so scared of this movie. The details really blew my mind, the fact that I believe in God  and I know that there are spirits out there in the spiritual realm. This movie had my heart racing and I really had to sit myself down read a few scriptures and pray to God. For those that have other faiths or have none at all this movie will really play with your emotions.

In the beginning it was alittle hard to jump in or become engage in the movie because FRANKLY it was just boring but I waited patiently to see where the movie was going. I really enjoyed the two main character of the movie. Especially the leading lady...Katie, she really had to but some time in and really pull herself into this role. I went through the old movie siting on the edge of the couch.

A few times in the movie I thought that the couple was going to break up or have Micah moved out. Katie was serious about the camera, I know if I were in that situation Ole' Micah boy would have been kicked to the curb.The movie was truly awesome right up until the end of the movie. I still can't believe this isn't based on true facts.This was awesome part of it was it portrayed as a low-budget film it was actually better than some of those that spent millions on their productions.

So two thumbs up for the RedBox Review of this week. I am still debating weather or not to see Paranormal Activity 2 we will have to see. For those of you that have not seen the movie definitely go rent it. Be sure not to forget a hot bag of popcorn and someone to snuggle up with.

Paranormal Activity you have my vote...

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Infantino Foot Rattle Review

- Elephant & Monkey-
These cuties foot entertainment is just the best. My son got these just the other day because he just found out that he has toes LOL. So he is always eating his toes. The rattles on the toes are fun and not to mention the colors are adorable. One thing is I wish that the ankle part had some elastic to help keep the shoe in place when my son tries to pull and tug on the animals to play. It would also would have been great if they came in older sizes because my son is just five months old and I think that he will only be able to play with these a few more weeks. It seems as if they are just a tad bit small...So I hope that this review gets to Infantino to make these in the future a little bigger for those cute adorable babies that are a little Chucky like my little monkey....

P.S. Moms go these they are truly fun...We got ours from Wal-Mart

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Ryan's the Lunch... Review

Think about it... I am so hungry can't wait to eat. I've been cleaning up all day even went to the Church did a little cleaning there. I have worked up a huge appetite, just driving down the road on my way to the biggest meal of the day. I have arrived at my destinations with time to spare (for the lunch price LOL). I am super happy because I paid for the lunch price but I am able to eat the dinner option because the lunch and dinner shifts are changing. Steak baby oh yea... I am looking around the dining room to see where would be the best seat to see everyone but very accessible to the food.

Hello, I greet my server as she says hello and checks my ticket.  I proceed to answer her question Yes I would love some hot dinner rolls, please. I reach in my handbag for some sanitizer for my hands. All ready for the biggest meal of the day, I nod to agree with my fiance to pray over the meal soon to come. Once the prayer is completed, he allows me to get my plate first and he stays to wacth over our sleeping little prince.

I am truly excited, I grab a plate from the stack of plates and canvas the bar to see whats there to pick. I got some fluffy white mashed potatoes with dark brown gravy, bright yellowish/orange mac-n-cheese, not to forget the rich green beans (you know for color). Went to sit down to get my grub on and allow my mans to get his plate. I am by now digging in this food hard, Tony(my mans) comes back with those mac-n-cheese, green beans and two huge fried chicken breast. I told him babes something looks funny about the chicken. The chicken had two different skin colors as if the chicken had been fried at one time during the day and then they took the chicken that was left over from earlier cooked it again.

I am super mad by now because I am just over restaurants being nasty, cheap and having no clue about customer service. He was mad also, but him being a REAL HUNGRY MAN you know he ate it anyway. We took turns going back and forth because we paid so we ate the food. Dessert time I went to get some apple pie with ice cream... FOUND IT!!! It was hot with the apples oozing out from the crust. I kept saying to myself YEP THEY DID THIS RIGHT. I turned the corner to the ice cream dispenser. Poured some vanilla ice cream in the bowl next to the apple pie.

Walking away I grabbed a spoon from the silverware station to find a dirt spoon on the first try. (Someone isn't polishing their fair share before and after their shift). I grabbed the second one hoping not to be disappointed. I sat down to enjoy this soon to be tasty treat. I took a bite it was burnt. The horrible taste of reheating or allowing the pie to over cook.
By this time I am mad...I am completely through this particular establishment. Tony and I vent on the situation a few minutes more. We gather our things and we left...
So if you are every in the Georgetown area and you are hungry think twice about stopping in to Ryan's on Frasier st...

Saturday, September 25, 2010

TGIW...Thank God it's Wireless

So as of yesterday (6am)... A log trucker was bring in his normal trailer, when he some how took down three light poles. He was about to deliver his load to the International Paper Mill (Georgetown, SC) located near the Maryville Bridge. When this occurred he took out the cable/telephone/Internet service to about a third of the city whom have service with this company. The City of Georgetown is trying their best to fix this problem.

I've been so happy for wireless because I have been wacthing old episode of House on YouTube. Also have been chatting on Skype with some friends. This has really put an damper on the City of Georgetown because we are a very small town. The most excitement is a trip to the local Super Wal-Mart without having to drive forty-five minutes to Myrtle Beach for some fun. Those of you that are from a small Moms/Papas areas you know exactly what I'm talking about.

Anyhoo, later today my Fiance and I took our son for a walk when noticed there was a Block Party for Christ. A Youth Smack down...Taking it to the streets hosted by Pastor Jonnie Mae Tisdale. An event to outreach to the children of the city, to let them know that Christ loves them no matter what. A very positive event,  with gospel music, TDK mime group ( 3 young men in Christ), food, prizes, and even Positive local role models. Some police offices from the city came to spread the word of the reality if the law is broken. Stressing stay in school and saying no to drugs by using a clever slogan to "Cross the street."
  1. You must stop an realize that this is a wrong decision by allowing this person to influence you
  2. Look at the person, confirming that you could presented yourself just like them
  3. Listen how sweet the person is phasing his words to pressure you in to taking
  4. Proceed to cross the street, Knowing that you made the right choice to Say No
Likwuid, was the special guess of the evening. She is a beautiful person inside and out for taking her time out to share her passion of music with us. Giving us a short description of what it takes to be in the music industry. She performed a few of her hits from her album " Gummy bears & Champagne" which was speechless. The message was a positive rap but entertaining at the same time. She was very down to earth I'm just sad I couldn't get a chance to talk to her or get a picture for my blog. (just alittle tied up with my son) Of course I still enjoyed myself.  So if you have never heard of her please go and take a few minutes to check out her website  you will become a fan just as fast as I did. Please go...

Soon after their was a pastor that gave an awesome sermon to encourage the youth of the city but the adult could also relate and use it for themselves. The sermon was "Its not going down like that" in a nutshell telling the Devil/Satan what have you.. that just because I have you've knock me down  before in life, I still have one fight left in me. So you guessed it that "Its not going down like that", also stressing that you can continue to fight back by coming to church just the way you are. Fighting him back by reading your bible, praying, fasting(surrendering something to God), and pure dedication to Christ asking for forgiveness. The message was awesome, the pastor himself was  twenty-nine years old, having him to bring the sermon to us was evening more uplifting. Letting the youth know that its OK to Love God and be young at the same time.

I just had a blast and to think all this came about because I had no cable/Internet/phone. It might sound weird to some but I'm glad that the City of Georgetown could not fix the problem today. We absolutely enjoyed ourselves had a full stomach with good ole' BBQ, fun outside of church and I even one a prize. For those that live in Georgetown and did not come out you have truly missed out on a treat. I have put some pictures below of us out there. I was having to much fun to really take pictures for the blog. I pray that you were touched by this entry and hope maybe something like a Youth Smack down will come to you but will out the since of taking out three light poles to get you to go outside.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

What's Right with the Eagles?

Micheal Vick

Whatever happen to giving someone a chance to show what they got. Winning isn't everything in the normal world. In the NFL realm the Superbowl is all the matters. I think that the Eagle's Representative had this in mind. Of course, we all saw the wonderful plays that Vick brought to those few games. That does not mean that he will take them to the Superbowl. Regardless of the fact the Kolb had an injury I think that its wrong to bypass the fact that he was a 2nd string QB behind McNabb. Reasoning's for trading McNabb right? Kolb was suppose to be the future and now that Vick came in to fill a few slots in the plays. They cave in to flashy talent instead of what the team had nurtured and molded for these past four years.

Kevin Kolb

What effects will this have on all the young (Little Leagues) guys that admire each of these players. ESPN has stressed enough on the issues, so the word is out what Andy Reid has decided on. I think of value of true ethnics/morals has been tossed up in the air as if it were an hail mary. In the instance of Reggie Bush, giving back the Heisman awarded... most thought he won it by his stats. So, there was no need to return the award but Bush knew that it was not the right way to obtain the award. Everything was right in the stat but the morals behind it was shady. So my question is... Why can't Reid see that this somewhat similar?

Did Reid forget that he named Kolb the starting Quarterback? I know for a fact that he did not forget because he had to reassure himself that this was the right swicth. I hope for Kolb's sake that they regret their decision. I know that Both players are devoted, strong, and sincere quaterbacks that have a true heart for the game.
I hope for the sake of the Redskins that this plan backfires and sends us to the Superbowl...LOL All Hail the Redskins


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Dread locs

There mine, all mine, had some hardship to obtain them but would not change a thing.

My dread locs... are very distinct in size, warm with every coil that contain beauty. Loving the way it hangs, dangles, and block my line of vision in my face. Oh how they swing back and forth in front of my eyes. Black and honey brown they make me more distinct from every other woman connected to their beautiful locs. Just the perfect accessory for my look. My dread locs are not yours, each one is different. Some days they are free to roam in the collar of my shirt. Other days I have them held hostage in a ponytail. Occasionally they are tangled in my glasses. Always keeping my fingers in my locs. Though they took their time to mature from funny to bad hair days to wearing warm fuzzy hats. Day by day looking even better. My dread locs as I lounge around relaxing I rest my head, they to rest along my pillow as my boo runs his fingers to show them love. Sound good to bad you don't have my locs, walking with my head held high they glow in the morning's sun. I would just dread to unlock my dread locs.

***If you have dread locs you know the joy of locs***

Keep going for those of you that have just started your journey to lochood. Its a wonderful thing when your locs are mature. The true test comes while transitioning from stage to stage but you will never look back. Snap Snap Snap pictures are your friend til the end. It shows you of all the growth that has accumulated and the different stages will give you that boost to continue. Don't get me wrong, its hard to keep going when you feel that this is to much and why did you ever decided to go for the natural look. You can do it...
You can do it...
You can do it...


Mirror, Mirror

When I looked at myself in the mirror today, what was the first things I thought?

The first thing that came to mind was uh, OMG I need to get rid of this morning breath. Soon after taking care of my morning rituals of beauty. I start to coach myself into a wonderful day. Yep that's right, a wonderful day. I shout to the mirror trying to stay focus without laughing because my serious face looks really Sci-fi. I yell you are beautiful, regardless of that tiny pimple which will be huge my noon. Your a Lucky woman to have a man that loves you for you and a beautiful son that adores your silly faces. Then I got sidetrack because I left toothpaste in the sink, so I began cleaning like a Pine-Sol spokesman. Anyways, I began tiding my hair putting every loc back in place because as usual with an four month old I get as little sleep as possible. Well now that my hair is fine, just too cute ( kisses your a cutie pie) lol. Fresh breath CHECK, pep talk CHECK, locs are in place CHECK, and now what...? I become serious and take time to enjoy whom is staring back at me in the mirror. I needed myself to know that everything is going to be okay no matter what. I encourage myself by saying that I've made it this far as being a first-time mother and my kid is still alive so I'm doing something right. I just stare deep in my eyes, wondering what will be stored up for tomorrow? I'm free to express what I see in the mirror regardless if I'm having a good day or bad day. I shake the morning jitters off, blow myself a kiss as my son cries for his morning feeding. Let the games began....